Local Government Legislation

Local Government Act 2002

The Act that sets the parameters for how Councils and the LGC operate, their responsibilities and powers.

The Local Government Commission

LGC website

Home page

Proposal Documents

LGC page that links to all 2016 engagements in Wairarapa

Includes links to survey documents, meetings, assessment of options etc

Wairarapa Councils

Carterton District Council

Vision: Carterton a welcoming and vibrant community where people enjoy living.


Masterton District Council

Vision: We want Masterton to be a great place to live, visit and do business, providing the best of rural provincial living

South Wairarapa District Council

Our vision is to be ‘the best little Council in New Zealand'.


Greater Wellingon Regional Council

Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) promotes Quality for Life by ensuring our environment is protected while meeting the economic, cultural and social needs of the community.

Other Wairarapa Sites

Wairarapa's Future

Website set up the the three Wairarapa Councils prior to the Super City proposal that argued for Wairarapa to have a signle unitary authority.

Water Wairarapa

Not directly tied in to the amalgamation issue, but this project is overseen by GWRC.

Key Resources

NZ Initiative

The New Zealand Initiative’s mission is to help create a competitive, open and dynamic economy and a free, prosperous, fair, and cohesive society. It is a research based think tank that consults widely and injects new ideas into New Zealand's political debates.

They have found that highly centralised governance arrangements are not necessary for local, regional and national economic efficiency and the track record on amalgamations suggests amalgamations do not necessarily deliver cost or operating efficiencies, and often increase running costs.

They have produced two key reports:

The Local Benchmark

Restoring Local Government Accountability

The Maxim Institute

Maxim Institute is an independent think tank, working to promote the dignity of every person in New Zealand characterised by freedom, justice, and compassion. They have done a report on regional development that highlights the challenges facing rural/provincial New Zealand.

Growing Beyond Growth

Rebooting the Regions

Rebooting the Regions (Massey University Press) is a collection of insightful, research-based expert perspectives on prospects for provincial towns struggling with economic decline, a loss of jobs and young people, an increasing ageing population alongside impacts such as globalisation and digitisation. your social media marketing partner