Carterton District Council Position Statement on Amalgamation

The Carterton Distirct Council had their full council meeting on Wednesday 5th April. The agenda included a Report on the Position Statement on the locl Government Commission's Draft Proposal for Wairarapa Council.

Two members of Wairarapa Voice, Ron Shaw and Mike Osborne, spoke in the public forum that leads the council meeting.

The two speakers had their say and then about 30 minutes later the council discussed the wording of the position statement.

The following is a report from the Wairarapa Times Age, Saturday 8 April.

You can read or download it as a PDF (2.5MB).

Newspaper report on CDC Amalgamation Position Statement

From the council website, you can read the Carterton District Council Position Statement on Amalgamation. (PDF 500KB). your social media marketing partner