Did mayors and councillors submissions to the LGC support or oppose the draft proposal?

Wairarapa Voice has viewed and analysed the submissions made by councillors and mayors on the draft proposal to amalgamate the three councils into a single council. 

We counted the submissions and broke them down into two groups:

  1. Support: "Support the draft proposal" and "Support the draft proposal but with some amendments"
  2. Oppose: "Oppose the draft proposal" and "Oppose the draft proposal but want some other form of local government change"

One submission (sent as a document) discussed the pros and cons of a number of issues and it wasn't 100% explicit if it ultimately supported or opposed the draft proposal. 

  • Masterton - 7 out of 11 made a submission
  • Carterton - 7 out of 9 made a submission
  • South Wairarapa - 8 out 10 made a submission

Table of submissions by council


Note: These figures are based on a document that is a collation of all submissions from elected representatives supplied by the LGC.




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