Richard Rudman Submission on the Draft Proposal

This submission is a hard-hitting analysis of the LGC's draft proposal.

Letter to the LGC requesting abandonment of proposal

In early July, after the close of submissions, Wairarapa Voice wrote a letter to the chair of the Local Government Commission asking him to abandon the the Draft Proposal for a Wairarapa District Council. In the view of Wairrapa Voice, the Draft Proposal failed to meet the requirements of the Local Government Act 2002 as specified in Schedule 3.

Analysis of LGC Draft Proposal

Written by Ron Shaw

Summary and Conclusions

The Local Government Commission (LGC) Draft Proposal for Wairarapa District Council (the proposal) recommends amalgamation yet the officials advising the LGC can offer no compelling reasons for amalgamation. 

The proposal concludes that there are 10 advantages from an amalgamated Wairarapa District Council. Some of these advantages were identified as benefits in the earlier Consultation Document. Review of the “advantages” shows that none are compelling, providing no real benefits with the issue of modest financial gains being so poorly addressed that it is more properly classified as a disadvantage. 

The LGC identified 5 disadvantages. Of these, three are mere truisms and can be ignored. The two remaining disadvantages go to the heart of democratic representation and regional influence. They are true disadvantages with real costs and no offsetting benefits. 

Seven Reasons to Oppose Amalgamation

(This was originally published in the Wairarapa MidWeek 12/4/17)

  1. The proposal doesn’t articulate the problem/s it’s supposed to be solving. The rationale seems to be that we indicated “a willingness for change”.  A solution to an unidentified problem isn’t a solution; it just creates more problems.
  2. Is amalgamation the appropriate tool to address the unstated problem/s? Amalgamations are costly, complicated and disruptive; we need to be certain that it will fix the unstated problem/s.