Why is there continued service delivery in the Wairarapa by the GWRC?

It is inconceivable that in determining the arrangements for local government in the Wairarapa that the GWRC was left out of scope. 

The LGC, early in its development of the proposal, declared the GWRC (Greater Wellington Regional Council) and its functions out of scope.

Given that the Wairarapa is largely a valley, the efficient and effective management of catchments and flood protection is critical to the region.

There is a concern that the GWRC attempts to “gold plate” rather than “fit for purpose” capital works at the expense of ratepayers.

Many residents and visitors depend on public transport.

There are deficiencies in GWRC performance that can be illustrated by the way the GWRC has gone about the Waiohine river flood protection:

  • 9 years of procrastination.
  • Poor public engagement and consultation.
  • Lack of transparency and an unwillingness to share information that is necessary for property owners to understand the levels of investment required for protection works.
  • The lack of justification for flood prone endorsements on LIM records that will result in increased insurance premiums and decreased property values.

There is substantial room for improving the delivery of several of the functions performed by the GWRC which will only be possible by much greater involvement of local people in the oversight and governance of those functions.


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