Question of the day

This section provides a list of questions and associated comments for each question.

The purpose is to get voters to look a little deeper than slogans and assumptions and acceptance of claims without question when deciding how to vote on the proposed amalgamation. 

We may or may not provide direct answers to the questions ideally we want voters to decide for themselves.

If a bigger council is better, then why isn't Masterton District Council much better than Carterton or South Wairarapa District Councils?

Are the estimated IT costs in the proposal credible?

How is it that countries like Iceland and Switzerland with many small councils have a higher GDP/capita than New Zealand?

Is there an alternative to amalgamation to provide cost savings and better services?

Is the proposed new structure for local government in the Wairarapa simpler than the current structure?

Why didn't the LGC cite any case studies in its proposals or associated documents?

Are the estimated IT costs in the proposal credible?