Questions and Answers

Question MarkTo assist citizens in determining the pros and cons of amalagamation, Wairarapa Voice is canvassing the thoughts and opinions of our local government representatives. They were all sent an email with four questions to answer and the request to return them completed by 5pm 21st April.

The purpose of this exercise was to allow the elected representatives, who have had meetings and spent time with the LGC, to share their reasoning on a number of matters related to amalgamation. All the responses will be published on this website within 24 hours of the close-off time for responses.

The tables below show the responses that have been received so far.

Note: We publish the "tick" when we receive the responses, may take a little longer to publish the detail. 

Masterton District Council

Lyn Patterson
Gary Caffell  
John Dalziell
Deborah Davidson  
Brent Goodwin  
Jonathan Hooker  
Rebecca (Bex) Johnson
Frazer Mailman  
Graham McClymont
Simon O'Donoghue  
Chris Peterson

Carterton District Council

John Booth
Michael Ashby 
Ruth Carter  
Brian Deller
Jill Greathead
Russell Keys
Greg Lang
Tracey O'Callaghan
Rebecca Vergunst

South Wairarapa District Council

Viv Napier
Paora Ammunson  
Lee Carter  
Pam Colenso  
Margaret Craig  
Dayle Harwood  
Brian Jephson  
Pip Maynard  
Colin Olds  
Colin Wright  

Featherston Community Board

Claire Bleakley
Robyn Ramsden  
Mark Shepherd  
Brenda West  

Greytown Community Board

Mike Gray
Leigh Hay  
Ann Rainford  
Christine Stevenson  

Martinborough Community Board

Fiona Beattie  
Lisa Cornelissen  
Victoria Read  
Maree Roy