About Wairarapa Voice Incorporated

Wairarapa Voice is a community group of concerned citizens who want to ensure that we preserve democracy and local decision making.

The group was formed to ensure that the proposed amalgamation of the three Wairarapa district councils into one council is actively discussed and debated within our community. It seemed that the Local Government Commission (LGC) was getting all the media attention during the 2016 consultations and there was little exposure if the arguments against amalgamation.

Wairarapa Voice has predominantly taken a sceptical view of the proposed amalgamation. We are open to being convinced that amalgamation will provide true, tangible long-term benefits for the Wairarapa.

We live in a democracy and a change of this magnitude needs to be thrashed out openly and thoroughly and that is our objective.

Wairarapa Voice was registered as an incorporated society on 13 July 2017 (#2675833).

Announcement of Wairarapa Voice Formation in Carterton Crier April 2017 Edition


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